21 Year Boy Arrested For Allegedly Stabbing Girlfriend After A Football Match

Optimized crime scene do not cross

A 21 year old boy has been arrested in Naivasha after his girlfriend was found dead in his house. He was alleged to have had a hand in the death of his girlfriend who he says he had left in the house.

He gave contradicting statements that made him a suspect leading to his arrest.

According to sources, the 21 year old had invited his girlfriend over for a night stay before he got out to go and watch a game.

Upon his return he claims to have found the body of his girlfriend on the floor with stub wounds as a half naked man ran from the house.

“He claim to have seen a semi-naked man fleeing from the house but police are not buying this story and they have arrested him,” Joseph Njoroge, a neighbour to the 21 year old boy told reporters.

Naivasha Police Boss Samuel Waweru stated that the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) have taken over the case. The girl who was announced dead on arrival to the police station was 18 years old.

Optimized crime scene do not cross

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