Anester Bahati Boys Students Arrested For Sneaking Into Anester Precious Girls Secondary School

Anestar boys school
Anestar boys school

The Police have put in custody 10 KCSE students from Anester Bahati Boys in Nakuru after they broke into a girl’s dormitory in the nearby Anester Precious Girls Secondary School.

The boys whose motive of sneaking into the girl’s school remains unknown, they are reported to sneak out of their school in a quite a good number and gain access to the girl’s school in the cover of darkness.

The girls raised alarm and the police from Githioro police station responded swiftly to the school compound ready to bring order and neutralise the issue.

The arrival of the officers however didn’t move the defiant boys in any way as they kept roaming freely around the girl’s dormitory forcing one of the officers to fire in the air to disperse and scare away the group.

Officers managed to round up 10 of the defiant boys as others escaped into the darkness. They are placed in custody at Dundori Patrol base pending further action.

Anestar boys school
Anestar boys school

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