Attention Seeking Willy Paul Threatens MCSK Holding Knives (video).


Controversial singer Willy Paul Msafi has threatened MCSK for officials after an Audit report revealed theft of artists royalties.

Willy Paul took to his Instagram and recorded a video threatening MCSK officials. He was also holding a knife while abusing the officials he also wrote;

It’s so sad that the Government has failed to help the artists! Yaani tunaibiwa tu na hawa wazee wa MCSK and the rest! We don’t work for you!!

Some of us Came from Nothing like me and here you are,feeding your balls and ovaries with our money!!

Please if you see me,Piga corner!!!

We demand an explanation,not only that…plus all the money you’ve stolen ama mtajua hamjui!! .” Willy paul’s post read


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