Azziad Nasenya Brakes the Internet With Her “Utawezana” Challenge

Azziad Nasenya
Azziad Nasenya

Azziad Nasenya (@azz_iad), was doing her usual uploads when she posted her first Utawezana Challenge using a song by Kenyan musician Mejja and femi one video to TikTok on Saturday.

She had so much fun with the first video that she decided to post a follow-up that has gone viral.

Azziad was already a force to reckon with on TikTok, with a healthy amount of followers and a verification badge to her name.

Rumor has it that she turned down 13k men followed her into the DM 🙂

Enough of her TikTok stardom. Let’s focus on her viral video and a mixture of how quickly netziens are capable Praising your work, with other quarters hating with such zeal. Well, there are no negative publicity. That’s what they say!

At first, praises, sweet words, and the usual harmless ufisi vibes were thrown at Azziad. Her heartwarming smile and jelly-like waist movements had won the hearts of many – men and women alike.

Like every other thing that goes viral on Twitter, Azziad utawezana challenge video made it’s way to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp.

The blessings didn’t just come to her, the original song on YouTube also got renewed attention with thousands of views streaming in from Saturday through Sunday – people attributing their views to Azziad’s video.

Guess what, they were wondering why in her very first videos, she never seemed jovial compared to the Utawezana challange video.

Below are some of her videos


Second video for Utawezana Challange:

No audio playing? Click on the link to watch and download: LINK

Utawezana Challange Dance by Azziad Nasenya from Malimwengu on Vimeo.

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