Bitcoins Sky Rocket As The Dollar Weakens.


Bitcoins Popularly known as BTC officially went high up crossing the $11,000 mark by early Tuesday as the US Dollar went down immensely.

The cryptocurrency soared as high as $11.298 by Monday evening. This comes as cyrptocurrency advocates argue digital currency including bitcoins could one day replace the dollar as a key tool of global trade.

Skeptics however think bitcoins is a commodity that’s not backed by any gold reserves and would tumble down at some point.

With COVID-19 seeing many people working from home, finding more ways to earn without much physical interaction, Trading bitcoins has been one key part in ensuring the digital currency keeps a float.

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In Kenya, a country that embraces technology must faster and is famously know for revolutionizing mobile money payments, cryptocurrency tokens has had it’s fair share of fake news and scammers using it to swindle people with least understanding on how it operates. Others equating it to pyramid scheme among other things.

Well, bitcoins and many other cryptocurrencies are very real and can be trade on just like any other commodity out there. Handling money requires caution at all time.

Goodluck trading on localbitcoins ( which you can join by pressing here ) or your favorite trading platform.

If you are passionate about bitcoins or how cryptocurrency operates in general, feel free to ask your question on the comments below.


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