Chloe Zao and Kevin Feige: Eternals Will Be Greater Than Avengers

Kevin and Chloe
Kevin and Chloe

Marvel Studios are planning to get back into film production in the coming weeks for Marvel’s Eternals after all the filming was halted by the pandemic.

Chloe Zhao is back on the spotlight while talking to journalists about the expectations of the film. The Marvel president Kevin Feige has praised the filmmaker’s prowess hinting how huge the ambition is,the Eternal film represents.

Avengers Endgame appears to be huge but the trust and believe in Zhao has seen Eternals being portrayed as greater.

“How much further and bigger can we go after Avenger Endgame?” Zhao posed the question to the Hollywood journalist. “Because I’m not just making the film as the director but as a fan,”she added.

“Her initial pitch to us was fascinating,” said Feige. “Frankly one of the reasons we moved forward on the movie was because of the vision that she brought to it,” he added.

Among the eternal casts include Richard Madden,Kumail Nanjiani, Lauren Ridloff and Brian Tyree.

Kevin and Chloe
Kevin and Chloe

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