Female Urinating funnel

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product image 767431650 300x300

A female urinating funnel is a device that aids females to urinate in an upright position, as opposed to the norm of females having to squat when having to urinate this device has made it so hygienic for ladies when the urge to urinate arises and the toilet facility available is less desirable. Some facilities are not well maintained thus could easily lead to contracting diseases by just sharing toilet facilities

The device, urinating funnel comes in various designs and materials including but not limited to paper, plastic, silicone and rubber. Depending on the material used to make the funnel this funnel can either be reusable or disposable.

But why would women use the urinating funnel? The world is evolving very fast and so much is bound to change, for now let’s call this malimwengu! In case you are reading this and you are female would you consider using the female funnel, and for the male would you allow the ladies in your life to use this funnel? Better still would you buy them the funnel rather incorporate this in your budget as part of the items you buy and budget for household use within your home?

Well, ideally the female urinating funnel is meant to increase ease and comfort for the females when that biological urge elicits. Most ladies who consider using the urinating funnel do it for convenience. Instead of having to strip off multiple layers of clothing that are worn at a given point just for a short call, such females use the funnel to avoid the hustles of having to strip off and enjoy the ease and convenience by peeing in an upright position that takes less time and is still hygienic. The female urinating funnel have gained popularity and quickly penetrating the Kenyan market as well.

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