Five foods that make you fat


Eating is not bad but are you really eating healthy? There are foods which you can eat to make you strong and healthy without necessarily adding weight,  However there are many reasons why certain foods make you gain weight. Foods that are high in calories, foods that contain unhealthy saturated and trans fats, food low in nutritional value and full of artificial color and enhancer, and foods containing refined sugar. Here are some 5 types of foods that will definitely make you fat.

Ice cream
I know that everyone really likes ice-cream especially when the weather is hot, then you just can’t help yourself. But if you want to lose weight, then you have to be willing to make sacrifices and ice-cream is one of them. First of all ice-cream is very high in calories, it is loaded with fats and sugar, not to mention the artificial flavors and colors that are in ice-creams. For example 100 grams of regular vanilla ice-cream contains over 200 calories and some 12 grams of saturated fat.

Cheese fries
Cheese can be a fattening food. Contains large amount of fat and is hard to digest. Poor digestion causes weight gain; it has proteins and carbohydrates that have only four calories while fats have nine calories per gram. Cheese fries are considered to be the most fattening foods in the world.

Pastries and Donuts
Donuts contain both saturated fats and refined sugar just like ice-cream and that is a very bad combination. The flour used to make pastries and donuts is white flour. And white flour has very little nutritional value. And the sugar that is added on top of the donuts is just incredible. But if you want a product that is full of chemicals, fats, sugars and calories then donuts are for you.

Studies carried before, found that Potatoes were top of the list of the food that is making us fat. This surprised me! But who would have guessed. The study found all forms of Potatoes to be fattening.  Every stripe of fries eaten in a day was linked to weight gain of more than three pounds, while eating an extra serving of potato chips led to a gain of 1.69 pounds.

White sugar
White sugar is full of calories that hinders healthy eating and makes one always crave for sweets. The world is filled with sugar addicts. When our blood sugars are high we are high. When our blood sugar is low, we feel totally run down and exhausted and want more sugar. Sugar has no vitamins or minerals, just lots of fat-building calories.

Consumption of alcohol can cause fattening.
Alcohol increases the release of the hormone cortisol that breaks down muscle and retains fat. The loss of muscle can slowdown metabolism making it easier to gain weight. Also, alcohol causes a drop in testosterone in men, a hormone which helps burn fat.

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