Guardian Angel’s Golden Girlfriend Showers Him With Praises Of Love Gets Netizens Excited

Guardian Angel and his love
Guardian Angel and his love

Esther Musila, Guardian Angel’s girlfriend recently wrote a short love letter to the gospel musician on a picture she posted of her and her own lover leaving Netizens excited.

In a photo she recently posted of her and her boyfriend, she captioned the picture, ‘I will never tire of saying how much you have humbled my life and shown me what true love really is. And yes I will walk with you side by side to fulfil God’s purpose for our lives. Bless you, my King💕💕’.

This message seems to have melted the hearts of many of their fans who flogged the comment section  urging them on.

The two who have been serving their fans couple  goals  have been heavily criticised by Netizens  over their age difference. With Esther being at 50 and Guardian Angel being at 31, the tow really stand for true love which knows no boundaries.

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