How Telegram Creates Fake Photos OF Nude Women Shared Online


Research has come out to show that there are over 100,000 fake nudes of women circulating online. Telegram has been hailed for using a method where they take a normally perfect photo of a lady and stripping her naked digitally.

Telegram uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to achieve this with reports stating that they mostly are focused on the underage using the app.

A recent test of the Telegram app by the BBC, has come out to show how poor the app is claiming that they use a ‘Deep fake bot’ that will generate fake videos and photos from a given template.

According to the founders of the application, they claim that its purely ‘entertainment’. The administrator running the service was quoted saying, “I don’t care that much. This is entertainment that does not carry violence. No one will blackmail anyone with this, since the quality is unrealistic.”

The bot has been used to create many celebrities sex tapes but according to the administrator he still thinks that the bot will do no harm. He added that they block minors who seem to do such things. The app can be used against anyone who has a social media account with his/her photos.


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