Simon Kabu and his wife sarah
Simon Kabu and his wife sarah

Simon Kabu  and Sarah Kabu of Bonfire Adventures marked 11 years in marriage .

Bonfire Adventures CEO Kabu took to social media to express her joy with a message for their anniversary.

His  post read:

It has been 11 years since that day today we said “I do” at the shores of Lake Naivasha.🎷🎺. I recall that day as if it’s yesterday @sarahkabu With your contagious smile, 😊your beauty and brain, you have continued being my Partner in all ways. We have had good times 🏊🏻‍♀️🏇🏄🏻‍♀️🚴‍♀️🎳 and downtime’s🎢🎢 as any other normal couple.

As we both agreed, we are focused on the “goal” and the “end” and we will do everything to make sure we achieve it. We have travelled 💃⛴🛳✈️🚆🚝🚟🚁🎡🎢the world together and enjoyed life together.

Your humility supersedes every other trait.
You have fought for me any battle and you have stood by me wherever necessary.
You have continually supported me in all Endevours and you loved me then when I had nothing but HOPE and POTENTIAL.
You have given me good brilliant kids.
Many Left me because they couldn’t be patient for me to exploit my potential. You did that.
Now here we are together and humbly making history in tourism sector.

We have won many Awards together just because of your encouragement, dedication, passion, Prayers.
You encourage me when down and guide me when I go astray. You already make sure I go along with Gods teachings
You know if it were not for this lockdown issue, I’m never shy to surprise you and go all miles to make you happy. I love you Sarah Kabu and Happy Anniversary. Join me in wishing her Happy anniversary. Something coming up on SIMON KABU YOUTUBE

Simon Kabu and his wife sarah
Simon Kabu and his wife sarah

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