Kamene And Jalas Told To Grow Some Balls By Angry Shakilla Over Their Morning Discussion


The Kiss FM duo ended up on the bad side of young socialite Shakilla after Kamene Goro ended up calling Shakilla ‘the Devil’. The statement really angered Shakilla to the extent that she came out having recorded a video telling the duo to “grow some balls”.

“I’m so mad at you! If you have a problem with me, come tell me!” Shakilla was quoted saying. She called out the two after the whole Willy Paul drama where Willy Paul had pressed charges against Shakilla for showing up at his house unannounced.

The 19 year old socialite was angry that the two were meddling on issues she claimed that everyone knew was between her and Willy Paul. ” If you have a problem with me, you come ahead and say it. You come up straight at me and tell me. You have my DM.” Angry Shakilla blurted out.

She ended her video by calling the Kiss FM morning duo Kamene and Jalas telling them they should not turn the program into a gossip club and was quoted telling them to “grow some balls”.

This comes just a day after she was released on a bail of Sh50,000.


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