Meet Kenya’s Latest Hit Maker Gaveriah With His New Track “Vunja” [VIDEO]


Gaveriah, a Kenyan Rapper, hit the social media arena with his latest music video release which premiered on 12th October 2020.

The music production by Blackpapersounds, has seen Gaveriah rise in the music industry, showcasing his 2019-2020 musical journey a work in progress success.

He has also done collaborations with other Kenyan artists among them; Pakawa, MC Badizoh and Bado.

Smoke is seen dominating on the video scene as lady vixens dance vigorously to the rappers Kenyan slang lyrics (sheng’).

Gaveriah flaunts his creativity in his music video, shot and Edited by Reelz Entertainment, involving lady vixens modelling and dancing evaluation by judges, Gaveriah among them, in a studio covered with newspapers and mounted wall lights with smoke emanating from every corner.

Gengetone, the new music style in town, is the new genre young musicians are making significant progress with in Kenya amid initial complains from the government and the public about the unethical videos and lyrics.

Check out the video above.

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