Netflix charges goes down after adopting Kenya Shillings to their billing

Image Of Netflix Logo
Image Of Netflix Logo

If you are a fan of movies and particularly subscribes to video-on demand service like Netflix and Showmax, then this is some good news for you. Netflix have dropped down their charges after it changed it’s billing for Kenyan customers from the US dollar to Kenya shillings.

The newly revised prices saw the Basic package charged at Ksh700, Ksh950 for the Standard package and Ksh1,200 fr the Premium Package.

The company previously charged $7.99 (Ksh803), $9.99(Ksh1,000) and $11.99(Ksh1,200) for the Basic, Standard and Premium packages respectively.

The biggest gainers are those who’l choose the Standard Package which has dropped by a whopping ksh100.

However, Netflix is yet to adopt the proffered mobile money payment model which it’s main competitor in Kenya, Showmax has. One would require a paypal account, debit or credit card in order to subscribe.

Showmax who’s rates are also in Kenya shillings has two plans for the Kenyan market. The mobile only for Ksh 375 and Standard for Ksh 750.

The video-on demand competition has informed different strategies among competitors with showmax offering more exclusive videos and local programs. Something that Netflix is yet to embrace.

“The internet market in Kenya has continued to exhibit positive growth over past years,” CA said in the latest quarterly telecommunication industry report.

“Some of the factors contributing to this growth include increasing population, coverage of 3G and 4G networks, availability of affordable smartphones and data plans,  and increasing consumption of e-commerce, e-government, social media and other online content.”

The online video platform have become a popular alternative for consumption of programming, their adoption fueled by improved internet access across the country.

Generally, improved internet connection in Kenya has seen growth of different industries including e-commerce such as JAWDA KENYA. A platform which offers buyers and sellers a conducive environment for online trade.

Innovations such as SomaSmart has made learning an interesting and easy adventure for kids across the country.

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