Night Demolitions Crash 300 Businesses In Nakuru


Kenya Railways demolished over 300 businesses overnight in Nakuru, leaving the owners counting losses.

The demolition affected, among other businesses, restaurants , hotels, night clubs and car bazaars.

The exercise is also intended to clear the way for the development of the Ksh160 billion Limuru-Nakuru road on a four-lane dual-carriage road.

Kenya Railways stated that adequate 90-day notices had been given to tenants to evacuate their businesses from the land.

“The land is now needed for the purposes of rehabilitation of the railway and we have begun reclaiming it,” Estate Manager Patrick Nzomo stated.

On Saturday, October 10, a number of tenants in the area relocated their belongings from the business center extending 400 meters.

“They marked the buildings set for demolition at around 2:30pm. One of them told us we had a maximum of five hours to remove our property from the premises. He said we would regret if we failed to move in time,” one businessman said.

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