OMG! A Ugandan lady confesses she loves Nameless (Video)

David Mathenge AKA Nameless.

Haiya, Wahu akiona hii! A Ugandan lady was provokingly recording a video confessing her love for musician nameless who was seated next to her and laughing like a drain.

In the video making rounds on social media, the lady is heard telling nameless that she was single and liked him.

“I like you, these Ugandan boys cannot handle me.” She’s heard telling nameless on the video.

“Ugandan Girls Club should not disappear with Wahu’s husband.” A comment posed on the video that was posted by the Uganda lass.

Other comments noted how the Ugandan lady resembled Wahu and suggested that was Nameless kinda girls.

Watch the video below.


David Mathenge AKA Nameless.

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