Relief To Tenants As New Bill Protects Them

image showing a tenant thrown out of a house
image showing a tenant thrown out of a house

Majority leader Amos Kimunya, has tabled a Bill that will see landlords who evict tenants or seize their belongings for defaulting on rent face six months in prison or a fine of up to twice the amount in dispute.

“A landlord and any agent or servant of a landlord who evicts a tenant without the authority of a tribunal or willfully subjects a tenant to any annoyance with the intention of inducing or compelling the tenant to vacate the premises or to pay, directly or indirectly a higher rent for the premises commits an offense,” says the Bill sponsored by Leader of Majority in the National Assembly Amos Kimunya.

Landlords will also be compelled to keep signed records of all the rent paid and share the record with tenants.Failure to keep a record could earn a landlord a fine not exceeding one month’s rent.

The rent records shall contain details of the person or people that are parties to the tenancy, details on the rented premises and of all rent paid for transparency reasons.

If a tenant dies or abandons the premises while in rent arrears, landlords will be required to apply to the tribunal to sell or dispose of the tenant’s property still within the premises.

In case a member of the tenant’s family or an administrator of the estate claims the property within six months, the landlord will be required to deposit any excess proceeds from the sale of the tenant’s belongings, less rent arrears or expenses incurred in the auction.

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