Shock As Boyfriend Kills Lover After Messy Breakup

Police officers carrying away a body
Police officers carrying away a body

Residents of Kiptee Village are in sorrows following the death of a 22-year-old lady who is said to have been murdered by her boyfriend after they broke up due to unknown reasons.

The sad shocking incident of family and friends loosing their loved one who is identified as Chepkorir has now left a hollow mark never be to be filled.

According to a close friend of Chepkorir, she had on several occasions complained having series of misunderstandings and arguments with her boyfriend but never at a point reveal the cause.

Further reports from a friend of theirs claimed the two had argued in a heated confrontation that later turned out to be tragic where the boyfriend butchered the lady and fled to unknown location.

The boyfriend who is identified as Kipkurui has now gone into hiding and is currently being traced by police officers as the DCI is trying to unravel the main cause of this heinous act.

Having increased number of murder and suicide-relationship related incidents, a heated motion among netizens has risen with many people unable to be explain why would one react in such a brutal manner.

Police officers carrying away a body
Police officers carrying away a body

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