Goldalyn Kakuya: The Top 2017 KCPE Student Does It Again

Goldalyn Kakuya
Goldalyn Kakuya

Goldalyne Kakuya might not be a new name in these social media streets and houses as most of us remember the beautiful lady who carried the title back in 2017 as the top KCPE student.

Just like she vowed not to stop at that point, she has done it again as she has been listed  among top performers in IGCSE.

She was a student at the prestigious Brookhouse schools after winning First lady Margaret Kenyatta’s scholarship.

She joined Brookhouse schools back in 2019 to continue with her form two studies after leaving Kenya High School.

In a newspaper publication, the little girl has been listed second with having scored  all As. It is said she undertook 10 subjects.

Always wishing her the best.

Goldalyn Kakuya
Goldalyn Kakuya

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