Three Giraffes Electrocuted To Death At Soysambu Conservacy In Nakuru County

Electrocuted giraffes
Electrocuted giraffes

Photos have gone viral of three giraffes that were electrocuted to death at a wildlife conservacy near Lake Elmentaita in Rift valley.

According to reports, the heartbreaking incident took place at Soysambu conservacy, Nakuru County.

It is said the third giraffe to be electrocuted on Sunday was going out to check on the carcasses of the other two giraffes.

According to reliable sources, the giraffes were struck to death by hanging high voltage power line that cuts across the conservacy.

It’s said atleast 10 giraffes, a number of buffalos and birds have been electrocuted by the same faulty power line since last year.

Another heartbreaking incident occurred three weeks ago where 50 flamingoes were electrocuted in Soysambu area by a faulty power line from Olkaria Suswa.

Despite numerous pleas from the Conservacy to Kenya Power office in Nakuru, they have failed to fix the faulty power line or raise.

The Sunday incident has angered netizens who are now demanding a serious compensation done to Kenya Wildlife and service.

The three electrocuted giraffes were among some of the most endangered distinct species known as Rotschild giraffe.

Electrocuted giraffes
Electrocuted giraffes
Electrocuted giraffes
Electrocuted giraffes

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