Xray Wants To Meet Peter Miracle Baby In Court Over Snitching Allegations

Miracle baby
Miracle baby

Fans are confused on what the problem might be between the lead vocal of the Boondocks Gang and Miracle Baby of Sailors gang, two big bands that are driving the gengetone music genre in Kenya.

Xray had taken to his instastories where he posted saying that Peter aka Miracle Baby had gone ahead and snitched on him. Its still not clear what Miracle Baby snitched about or to who but it has really angered the ‘Taniua’ phrase maker.

“Someone tell huyo snitch…yeni @petermiraclebaby Umbwa sana na kesho tupatane kortini ama arudi ocha. Nimekoheshimu kama ndugu lakini umenidisrespect. Nika ulikuwa umetumwa.” Xray wrote in his instance stories.

Then he added a different post this one directed to the other Sailors Gang members telling them that he had no beef with them.

“Sina beef na sailors…we are always bros but to that baby snitch…its personal,” read his post.

Now the fans were left guessing what is really cooking up between the two and only time will tell if this is really that serious.



Miracle baby
Miracle baby

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