Bootape The New Bra In Kenya


Have you heard of the latest trend BoobTape? If you haven’t, worry not.

There has been a trend going on for two years now and it’s taping your boobs to create cleavage or lift your boobs.

As a woman how many times have you had this bomb outfit that you have been wanting to rock to an event but you were not able to rock it because you did not have the right bra

Boobtape is actually better than a bra as it’s sweat and waterproof. As a lady you can actually swim in it.

Courtesy : BoobTape KE

You can also tape your boobs in different styles according to the outfit you want to rock. Good news is that BoobTape is finally in Kenya.

This style was invented by Kim Kardashian. She is known as the queen of taping. At the moment Kenyan Stockist are @BoobTapeKe and other shops selling bras.

Now go and get yourself  BoobTape and rock with it. Don’t say Malimwengu never plugged you.


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