Gladys Shollei’s ex husband Sam responds to Gladys Shollei’s letter to him.

Gladys Shollei with ex husband Sam

After the emotional letter penned down by Gladys to his ex husband Sam Shollei. He decided to reply to his ex wife Gladys.

To my Ex wife Gladys.

Somewhere I read,
That I was indeed the great man of your dreams,

Somewhere I read that I was the brave Kalenjin warrior that had brought the shy Kalenjin girl to bloom,

Somewhere I read that indeed I was the real man that scaled the hills and valleys of Keiyo barefoot as the bells on the necks of goats chimed in ryhtm with the cow bells as they graze and forage in unison.

Indeed my Ex wife,
You are right in your attributes,
I was the prince charming that finally won your heart,

I had followed the ways of our people,

Our elders had blessed our union after the traditional Koito,
Our journey of chasing the sunsets of life had started in earnest.

My conscience is clear,
I would never have left the journey of matrimony half way,
I would never have thrown my 26 years of marriage to the dogs.

I tried my best to salvage the drifting love of my life from the burning fire of arrogance and hate,
God knows I tried,
I tried very hard to protect my love from the trappings of power and fame,

God knows I tried vehemently to discourage my love from indulging in strong liquor and drinking herself to stupor,

God knows I tried for the sake of my family,
God knows I tried for the sake of my aging mother.

My love slipped away from my hands,

The trappings of power,
The love of liquor,
Mistrust and arrogance finally took toll on the love of my life,

Somewhere I read that I fell for a younger woman,
It is true,
It is a right of every kalenjin man to salvage the fire before dwindling,
It is a right of every Kalenjin elder to have someone at home who will secure his sleeping cowhide from the rain.

Somewhere I read that my exwife confirmed the power of the watermill,
That the flow of Kerio river was powerful and had grinded maizeflour nonstop to fill her sacks,

It is true,
Kerio river still roars in might as it meanders downhill to drive the watermill,
My ex wife is jealous,
She had no maize to grind last season,

My ex wife had failed in her strength to trek to the river,
She had time nor patience to wait overnight as the watermill roars in might to grind and grind.

It was too late,
Watermill had to grind and grind maize flour anyway.


Gladys Shollei with ex husband Sam

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