Sarova Hotel Bashed For Serving KNH With Bad Food

packed food from sarova
packed food from sarova

Right now health workers seem to be at the front line fighting against the pandemic that has affected the whole world. Different corporations  as well as individuals have tried helping the health workers in whichever way they can.


Sarova Hotel, a five star for that matter, has been bashed hard after they sent bad food to the Kenyatta National And Referral Hospital. In their tweet they had tweeted:

“Kudos to the front line healthcare workers as they help the Government manage the Covid19 pandemic. To appreciate their efforts,we’ll provide daily lunches to the more than 200 healthcare workers. Thank-you, we recognize your bravery & commitment. #SarovaCares @KNH_hospital”

They then went ahead and sent a sample of the food they will be delivering to the director of KNH which he received and agreed it was good , they sent a good sample to the director but did otherwise to the health workers.


They sent githeri with rice and veges to the KNH staff. Its disappointing that a five star hotel could be unable to provide good food to health workers in their own country.


They are supposed to deliver the food for 30 days and we really hope that they will end up serving them five star meals cause these health workers deserve it.


sarova food
sarova food

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