Drama As Mike Oliver Responds Back To Kenyans Calling For His Arrest

Mike Oliver
Mike Oliver

Mike Oliver was the subject of a high end criticism after he produced photos of Kenyan women he has been sleeping with.

The unapologetic Caucasian claimed he came to see if it was true; Kenyan ladies get loose at the sight of a Mzungu man shaking a dollar.

“A dollar melts them like ice in summer, Perhaps my skin color to excite them. Today I’m surprised some people want me arrested, for which crime? Spending my own money? Having good time with cheap women? Or posting photos of us? Oh no Kenyans,” he said.

He further added he did not rape anyone; all he had to do was show the money he had and they fall for the trap.

“I’m sure these hot videos would send you all into a comma. Rumor has it that I’m HIV positive, That’s neither here nor there ,But if indeed I’m infected, Then it’s not I, but WE.

“My aim of posting those few photos wasn’t to hurt anyone; I just wanted to show you how cheap your women are. Even those who call themselves “independent” women” he added.

Mike Oliver
Mike Oliver

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