I’m NOT ready to be a grandmother Akothee cautions daughters!


Akothee the sensational mother of five, never fails to crack our ribs , especially with the constant arguments that she normally has with the girls especially as they are now grown up and of cause do not subscribe to her threats. The boys are pretty young but not too young.

To Akothee’s girls Rue, Vesha and Fancy their mother is just like another girlfriend they have and their relationship is sometimes so beautiful to watch. In one of their many life arguments, during a breakfast the family was having Akothee was quick to warn the girls that she is not yet ready to he a grandmother!

This all commenced when the singer and entrepreneur asked her girls Rue, Vesha and Fancy Makadia to avoid getting pregnant as she was not yet ready for grandchildren. So quick to answer the girls quickly dashed at their mother asking her at what age she got pregnant herself ? Well we all know Akothee got pregnant and bore her children especially the girls at a very early age. For the boys they came later with different baby daddies all together.

To answer them Akothe quickly answered 18! She didn’t stop at that but further went to warn that anyone of the girls who gets pregnant, will have to vacate her house and move in with the man responsible for the pregnancy that would be. In a move that was meant to get to know their boyfriends singer Akothee insisted to know their boyfriends in this new year 2020!

To defend herself the singer said being a grandmother would suck her from social media a move yet she isn’t ready to embrace. Rue baby went ahead to ask her mother why she was forcing them to have boyfriends whom they didn’t even have. Akothee concluded by advising her girls to cautiously take care of themselves.

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