Is Tanzania fighting all it’s neighbours. Another border row with Rwanda! (Video)

Rwanda Border
Rwandan Border

Tanzania is slowly degenerating into a country that want to isolate itself from neighbours due to her difference in handling the COVID-19 Pandemic.

President John Pombe Magufuli has been a subject of discussion ranging from testing pawpaws and goats, to ridiculing and issuing threats to neighbouring countries. The fact that he allowed a mare Provisional Commissioner to announce closure of an International border with Kenya tells you much of his hatred towards neighbours.

Kenya has always downplayed silly agitation from Tanzania. Seeking peace instead of escalating stupid fights. This doesn’t make Kenya weak, just smart.

As a matter of fact, many Kenyan citizens don’t even consider Tanzanian people enemies, but the opposite is true when you cross over the border. Perhaps Kenya needs to crack the whip, hold it’s ground and see what happens.

Even in a family if you have that brother who keeps complaining at the slightest thing, you step back and avoid such a brother for whatever reason. That brother will create stories to justify his or her complains.

Tanzania claims that Kenya wants to sabotage it tourism industry. Laughable. Pure excuse! Especially when all that is involved revolves around healthcare. They claim the 19 drivers who tested positive in Kenya, tested Negative in Tanzania. The question you’d ask perhaps is how did this happen when the president closed down the national laboratory citing irregularities. He even stopped declaring COVID-19 test results since April.

In a funny twist of events, when other countries make stand on their border control, Tanzania seem to coil it’s tail except with Kenya. Zambia closed it’s border, no one spoke. Rwanda has been having stringent measures on COVID-19 testing, no one is speaking in Tanzania. When Kenya tests and repatriates the infected persons, it’s a sabotage on tourism.

No matter how much you may hate President Kenyatta, as a patriot you should stand with the president and country in the fight against Corona just like the Rwandan people are doing from the video below. There’s no boot-licking when it comes to Kenyan’s health.

Someone would tell you that where Tanzania is politically right now, is where Kenya was in the 90s. It’s true. No freedom of press or anything. If you think it’s a joke, a comedian Idris Sultan is in jail right now for very silly reasons. You’d rarely see journalist asking questions in a press.

Now, in a BBC video done at the Rwanda border, Tanzanian drivers are complaining of mishandling at the border. You expect some mare PC to speak? No, it won’t happen. See the video below.

Rwanda TZ Border
Rwanda TZ Border

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