Police officer kills lover in Kakamega


A lady named Elizabeth who was reported to have gone missing a few days ago was found dead in the mortuary, the Lady’s family had said she had gone missing since sunday.

They found her body dumped in Kakamega teaching and refferal general hospital morgue.

Elizabeth  had very deep cut wounds both on her head and arm. Eyewitnesses said Elizabeth was last seen with her lover the police officer on Sunday. Later that evening sources say the constable was seen taking Elizabeth to a nearby dispensary, nurses who attended to her said she was bleeding profusely.

Elizabeth died in the same health care facility where she was being attended and her body taken to the mortuary without their knowledge. Her mother said she was in a violent relationship with the officer who had at one point broken her arm.

Reports say Elizabeth had left her marriage approximately five years ago with her daughter, however the lady is said to have been in an on and off relationship with the ex husband.

Sources say that this could be the cause of her death. police officers have launched investigations to her murder case suspect is yet to be arrested.


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