Jalang’o and his boys’ club exposed


Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o and his boys’ club are trending all over social media. Their Whatsapp chats were leaked by a lady who was dating one of the guys from the boys’ club.

There is one Clere Morgan who leaked their chats on Facebook. She wrote on her wall;

I have been dating these guys with my girls from last year and We just realized what these guys are. They will take to bed any lady that comes their way while moving from apartmento as they call it . In kilimani, kileleshwa and Langata. Ladies be careful.

This followed by a thread of screenshots from the boys’ club chats which was written in luo. The chats were all about these guys discussing their escapades amongst themselves.

The men posted pictures of different women and discussed them asking if anyone in the group has slept with any of them.

It begins with a picture of the whole group. The group was formed by Mzee Jalas Mwenyewe in 2019.

Then follows the chats. There is a ranking done according to who has slept with most women. From the chat Jalang’o tops the list followed by D.O and Colnel. Osiemo Wakili is the last one in the group as he has not sent any pictures.

From the chats these men are sleeping with girls and passing them on to the other men. Trying to compare who is the big fish among them.

The saddest part is that all these men are married with kids. There is a part where Jalang’o says he has booked a room at the rate of Ksh. 4000 at Kileleshwa. He says that one of his boys has hooked him up with the place.

They then continue to share photos of the women they have slept with or intending to sleep with.


The above translates to; “We’ve woken up and breakfast is being prepared.”

ScreenshotThe above translates to; “This lady says she knows you, she’s even been to Bondo.”






This is not the first time Jalang’o is being exposed to be cheating on his wife. Last time she was spotted with a side chic.

What shocked many is that he has not even been married for one year.

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