Kenyans view on Edgar Obare and the boys club

Edgar Obare
Edgar Obare

Jalang’o, a radio personality and a comedian in his own right has angered a portion of Kenyans after Edgar Obare exposed him on how Jalas and a few of his friends would brag about sleeping with the same lady and rate themselves.

Netizens had their take concerning the Cheating Scandal and this what one had to comment;

“Has anyone taken a moment to consider that Edgar Obare’s story may be cooked? Don’t be too quick to judge, anyone can be saved on WhatsApp with the name Jalang’o. Videos can be taken out of context. Photos can be edited. Focus on both sides!”

Edgar Obare is now the Kenyan king of gossip that has been giving celebrities a hard time. When you here that he is serving ‘hot tea’ just know someone is about to be exposed. Jalang’o and his club boys have been toughly exposed!

“Scandals to the bin, I’m told those guys are good, always there for each other, always supporting hustles, life challenges, events et al. Always covering backs and shielding.” Read a post concerning the Boys Club.

Its not the first time Jalang’o has been found in a cheating scandal against his wife and netizens have bashed him hard for embarrassing his wife.

Edgar Obare
Edgar Obare and Jalang’o

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