Anerlisa muigai five weeks social media break got her adding weight!

Anerlisa Muigai
Anerlisa Muigai

Anerlisa Muigai, the Keroche breweries heiress, apart from being the eldest daughter of CEO and co-founder of the keroche breweries Tabitha Muigai Karanja, she Anerlisa is known to be a stunning, smart, fashionista and apart from the fact that she comes from one of the wealthiest families in our country Kenya, she chose to venture into her own business the Nero Company Limited. The 31 year old Anerlisa Muigai has done so well in managing the company that has made it to be one of the most preferred choice for corporate water supplies. In 2018 the company Nero Company’s CEO, Anerlisa was nominated for best entrepreneur of the year, and the Nero boss managed the fast runners up position for the young entrepreneurs.

Apart from her numerous achievements at an early age, the keroche heiress is also known for her weight loss journey. Weight is one of the major concerns for any lady’s physical appearance and for anerlisa she was not an exception either, for her case the obese state she was in saw her get body shamed a number of times, social media is cruel sometimes you know! Being a vocal lady and also her state in the society that enables her to enjoy a good social media following, the constant online bashing saw Anerlisa begin her weight loss journey when she was weighing 124 kilograms! With her dress size then being 24 making it hard to slay different outfits.

Anerlisa’s weight loss journey is one of the most inspiring to many, since the first instance of trial saw her loose 30 kilograms! With many critiquing that she could have gone through surgery to make the loss possible an accusation that she vehemently denied. From the photos that heiress is gracious enough to share with us on social media especially Instagram it’s evident that she has managed to tone her body into such a desirable physical structure.

The Nero boss Anerlisa muigai was recently engaged to Tanzanian singer Ben paul, a relationship that she seem to be enjoying and took a time off from social media for five weeks and on her come back she marveled at how much weight she had put on during the time she took of social media,

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